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Tree Braids: The NO Glue, NO Heat Way

Protected hair styling never looked so good on you until now! Shop and book the latest "Strands by Strands" extension trends such as Tree Braids, Micro links, Tape, Lace Wigs, Feather Links and more.


Welcome To Strands of Beauty

Healthy, thriving hair is our top priority. Originally from Atlanta, GA our Master Braider and Instructor, has over 250,000 hours of experience in both the US and Africa. Ethena leads our commitment to chemical-free protective braids and extensions. Specializing in Tree Braids, Microlinks, Feather Links, Tape Extensions, Lace Wigs, DE Locs, and Glueless/Braidless extensions we have a healthy match for your hair goals. Whether in our intimate settings or through mobile options, we offer private, client-focused hair care experiences. Embrace a journey of beauty, hair growth, and vitality with Strands of Beauty.

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Please note the SCHEDULE & DATES when booking your appointment. All appointments are in the local time zone. Feel free to text if you have questions 770-882-8156.

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We only have a huge selection of human grade hair in all colors, texture and styles!

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Let us answer all your questions! We are here via chat 24 hours a day! Just text - 770.882.8156

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We use the highest quality of hair, whether human or synthetic. Rest assured we have vetted the hair and you are getting the best!

Our Customers Say...


"I can't believe the transformation in my hair since using these products on my Tree Braids! My hair was so much stronger when I removed the braids. I finally found a way to strengthen my hair. I follow Ethena between Atlanta and Las Vegas... I'm not letting anyone else touch my hair.

Atlanta & Las Vegas

"As a guy who never really paid much attention to hair care, I was blown away by the results. The difference in my hair's texture and the shine is incredible. I let Ethena cornrow my hair for a vacation and it was perfect.


"I've struggled with split ends for years, but the hair mixed with products has been a game-changer. She was so knowledgeable and caring. Not only are my split ends getting stronger, but my hair looks and feels so much healthier. I'm more confident than ever! Even when wearing the extensions, I know MY hair is growing well"

Emily S
Los Angeles

"I've tried countless extension brands, but nothing comes close to this. The natural ingredients make a noticeable difference, and my hair feels hydrated all day long. I can't thank this brand enough for giving me the best hair care of my life."

Maria B
Chicago, IL
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