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At Strands of Beauty, we are committed to the health of your natural hair through braids. We are THE authority on Tree Braids with over 35,000 happy tree brads clients in 8 states. Tree Braids are a NO sew, NO glue, NO tracks, NO crochet, NO thread – strand by strand technique that is the best style to promote healthy hair growth. Tree Braids are life-changing because they give you freedom! This protective style gives you the look of a head full of hair with the protection of braids.

    • What exactly are Tree Braids? Tree braids are a strand by strand braiding technique that incorporates braiding and strands by strand extensions in one step. There is NO sewing, NO gluing, and NO Crochet involved. While the style looks like a weave, it is installed using loose bulk hair, NO tracks! Choose from Traditional Cornrow style or the new Single Tree Braids.
    • What type of hair can be used with Tree Braids? Strands of Beauty recommends high-grade synthetic hair such as our VERY popular Body Wave Hair For Tree Braids. Although you can use almost any braiding hair (human or synthetic) it is always best to use one that is at least 18 inches long.

      Yes, freedom over your time and your look. This style will easily save you 20+ minutes each morning while getting ready for your day because your hair is already done…just brush and go. You can easily go from work, to the gym, to an evening out without having to worry about your hair. Bottom line: Tree Braids are easy and they last on average between 4-6 weeks. You can get an easy pretty ponytail without any hair drama! Learn more on 

    • Where is the best place to get Tree Braids? Strands of Beauty! We specialize in Tree Braids and we complete 60+ Tree Braids clients per week. We serve several metro areas including Atlanta GA, Orlando Fl, Charlotte NC, Columbia SC, Las Vegas NV, Phoenix AZ, and Baltimore MD, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX. If you would like us to come to your area, simply email us at
    • How long does it take to get tree braids? Tree Braids take approx. between 2-4 hours to complete, depending on the options you choose. Tree Braids come in sizes based on the size of the braid, determined by the space between each braid. The smaller the braid, the closer they are together.
    • Can I get Tree Braids if I have alopecia, balding, or thinning? Yes! If you have any of these – be sure to let us know when you book your appointment so we can place you with a Master Tree Braids Specialist. Our specialists can customize the Tree Braids to cover problem areas and give your hair the extra care it needs. Tree Braids can be done on natural hair as short as 2 inches and as long as 20 inches.
    • Have more questions? Call or text us at 1855-787-2637 or 770-882-8156. We are happy to help you reach your hair goals.

    Here are some pics of our work:

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