Braid School: Hands-on Training for Protective Braids, Weaves and Extensions


Have ever found yourself so excited and empowered after “learning” how to install a new hairstyle after watching a “how to” video online? Has that excitement led you to the nearest beauty supply store to purchase everything the nice person in the video told you to get? Have you then found yourself either frustrated in your bathroom mirror or quietly puzzled while standing behind your new “client”? At that point you give yourself the pep talk and you just go-for-it!  You start doing the style only to  realize it is not as easy as it seems or it is going to take forever.

Now, you are in a mess… if only you could contact that person’s video you watched and ask a question… That nightmare is over.  The Strands of Beauty Institute provided training in a salon environment where you get training and are able to ask your questions and get feedback on your work. 

Whether you are a fashionista, diva, mom, single, married or other, we are always staying informed and even go as far as “trying to learn” how  to do these styles. Whether on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook the process of doing these styles always looks as though they are super quick and super easy.

What if you could go a class where they show you everything the video did not. A class where you can get the truth about how to install the styles properly complete with hands on help. A class that fills in the blanks, shows you how to make your work look professional, and explains how to take care of the style. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Hands on training is the most helpful and beneficial way to learn to braid, weave and install extensions.  Especially when you are learning a new technique, you want someone physically standing by to help guide you. Watching videos is a great way to introduce yourself to new techniques but if you are looking at a video you are gaining knowledge however you do not gain the skill. 

This is where Strands of Beauty fits into the puzzle.  The Braid School at Strands of Beauty offers hands-on-training on techniques such as Tree Braids, Crotchet Braids, Sew-in with lace closures, braidless sew-ins, micro links and much more.  We even offer continuing education credits on some classes. So, when you are ready to obtain knowledge AND skills visit or call us at 770.882.8156.

Happy Braiding & Weaving
-Stay Beautiful

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