Rapper Tory Lanez Asked the world “What’s the big deal “ with Alopecia 

Balding, sudden hair loss in random or specific areas, irregular hair growth or patchy hair loss are symptoms that would cause some one to have anxiety and low self esteem at best. Today however, the International superstar and Rapper Tory Lanez asked the world in a tweet “What’s the big deal” with Alopecia?     

The rapper, has been roasted all over the internet about his hair line and alopecia for years. Even mega star 50 cent tolled him about it in a rant in 2021. Interestingly enough, Tory Lanez himself has even shed light on his alopecia in his own music yet he still get trolled and teased about the disease.  In the light of “super husband” Will Smith throwing on his imaginary cape and protecting the dignity of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith at the Academy Awards, I would like to also come to the rescue of people worldwide who have had the courage to share their experience with me.  

She came in with a colorful head wrap, her demeanor was as if she was deflated and did not have much courage in what I could do to help.  In the phone call prior to the appointment, she stated that she had been to so many places, but no one could help.  She walked in to the private styling area and she removed the wrap.  Her alopecia was sever.  It was an emotional moment. I reassured her that our NO glue, NO tracks, NO heat, NO crochet technique  called Tree Braids would protect her hair and give her a look so no one would know she was experiencing alopecia. I was nervous, but confident at the same time.  She left the salon in tears of JOY, swinging her hair with a confident smile. That was almost 15 years ago …

Today after helping thousands of clients who are experiencing alopecia  and training my staff on how to take care of those clients, I can answer Tory Lanez question.  The big deal is that alopecia is deeper than hair loss or a receding hair line.  It is the fear that all hope is lost. The fear that “your problem” is now seen by all and there are no alternatives.  Alopecia not only results in hair loss, it results in self esteem loss for people who feel hopeless and helpless from it.  The good thing is there are super stars like hip hop star Tory Lanez and Jada Pinkett Smith  who shine a light on this disease.  Beauty networks like Strands of Beauty and Ethena Profit , the founder and CEO of Strands of Beauty who are committed to enhancing the beauty experience through protective styles and positive beauty experiences.  Tory Lanez , you are soooo right to ask ” what’s the big deal because there are options now!

Yes Alopecia is a big deal with a  big deal solution: There is hope, you have hair options, you DO NOT have to shave off your hair and be bald ( unless you want to) and most importantly you are you, Alopecia does not have the power to change that! – Stay Beautiful

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