Lizzo In Box Braids Like These?

It was about time Lizzo went remote after a whirlwind of a Grammy-winning, BET-performing, and top of the charts summer. On August 6, the artist wore her hair in the protective style of box braids while enjoying her well deserved vacation.

Although we are unable to confirm the exact location, from the looks of the perfect sky and tropical vibes we can only imaging that sandy white sea shores were involved. The number one clue for her location was the hair.  Lizzo’s box braids said it all.

She wore her box braids loooong, with pink-rimmed shades, French-tipped, stiletto-molded nails with twirls, and Chanel pearls around her waist.

We don’t get to see her in braids often , but in times like these when we do – her look demands  attention. Her look commands respect and fun.  On her instagram she shared her new look.  She wore them parted down the middle as they framed her face .  She graced us with several pictures showing-off her beauty braids in different styles.

It is always a treat to see her in candid moments.  Hopefully she will continue to wear protective styles and grace us with pictures of her creative braids.

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