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Fort Worth, TX- Works from her home studio only.


I am Khemi and I am a professional braider and I reside in Texas Fort Worth. I have been braiding for over two decades and in my journey have discovered and learnt various unique and creative ways of the African art of braiding. 

With my curious nature from birth, I watched and learned how family members made our hair, how the beautician performed her duties when we went to the salon, and read every beauty magazine that had anything to do with hair. Hence my interest and knowledge grew and increased over the years.I got married and continued my practice on my kid’s hair and when I came across any new innovation or style, I practiced it on my kid’s hair till I became a pro on that style. 

I specialize in the art of cornrow, box braids, Nigerian DIDI, Ghana braids, crotchet braids, and sew-in. I still continue in my quest for knowledge in the hair industry and so you can count on me to receive the best in any choice of style you choose from my specialties and the new skills I am working on.

I also operate a healthy and safe working environment for your comfort and peace of mind.

Like I mentioned earlier, I am married with kids.  Aside from braiding, I lobe to cook ad sing. I love listening to good music and so be rest assured of having good misc around when you come for a visit. 

A bit about Khemi:

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