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Master Braider Ethena

Area of Service:

Arizona (Metro Phoenix and all surrounding areas )// Las Vegas NV // Atlanta , GA //  Los Angeles, CA //  Christchurch, New Zealand // Orlando, FL

Ethena is the founder of Strands of Beauty and is the HeadMaster Instructor and Master Specialist Braider for Strands of Beauty.  Ethena has  200000+ hours of braiding, training other braiders, and has been the starting point for her students who have successfully started beauty companies. Please take a look below at my Instagram and other social media pages for more pictures of my work.  


My philosophy
on hair: Educate. My students are always taught the why behind the how.

Students preparing for Braiding 101 class at Strands of Beauty Salon - Atlanta, GA

Tight does NOT mean right!

My philosophy is simple: to help you meet your hair goals.  As a professional, my job is to listen to your needs and deliver the most protective option. I’ve been ” doing it right and not tight” since 2007. 


What People Say

The following are true testimonials written by real clients at the braider’s request. 

Ethena Grew My HAIR!! She definitely has growing hands. The Tree Braids look amazing and my hair always grows. #teamstrandsofbeauty since 2014
Angel H.
I must admit that when Ethena asked me to write a review for her page I was honored. I am a model and have been a Strands of Beauty client for over 10 years. I have driven to many states to have my hair done my hair. She is the best.
Christina J.
My Makeover was exactly what I expected and I loved my extensions. Ethena was professional and gave me several options. I will be back.
Tara H.
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