Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids are a braiding technique that can be utilized to achieve various looks such as loose hair, braided look, twist look, loc look and more. These braids can be completed in client who have various hair needs such as thinning, or alopecia.  One plus about crochet braids is that maybe different looks can be created with crochets and can be used as a combination technique. 

*Clients with weak roots, thinning, or alopecia should consult with a Stands of Beauty consultant or with your braider prior to installation.

Crochets are done in a two-step process.   


  • Step 1: All of your natural hair is braided

  • Step 2: the hair extension is attached to the braid.


Crochet braids are best done with a curl or twist patterned hair extension. They are best worn for up to 4 weeks (with proper care and maintenance).

Our certified Crochet Specialists are ready to help you select the best hair pattern and color for you. Book your appointment today. 

Interested in Learning how to Crochet Braid?
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