Braids refer to the three (3) part strands being twisted together to create a braid. This technique can be done on all hair types, textures, and lengths.  Braids are done either on the scalp (cornrows) or off the scalp (individual ) Braids fall into several categories.  There are Box Braids, aka individual braids, knotless box braids, cornrows, lemonade braids, designer braids, tribal braids, Ghana braids, and more.  The most important part about selecting the best type of braids is communicating to us what your hair goal is for wearing braids in the first place.   Feel free to send a picture of the style you have in mind to one of our consultants or to your braider.   

Our certified Braiders are ready to help you select the best type of braids for your lifestyle.  Book your appointment today.

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