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Institute of Braiding & Beauty Business Development

The Strands of Beauty Institute of Braiding & Beauty Business Development offers global certification classes for new braiders and serves as orientation and training for our network braiders.

Watching a video can be an okay way to introduce yourself to a new technique, but true skill comes from instruction, interaction, and feedback. Our hands-on training courses are the most powerful way to learn to braid, weave, install extensions, and build your business.  Whether you are here to get certified as one of our network braiders or learn a new technique, it is imperative to get your work analyzed and get feedback on your progress.   

The Strands of Beauty Institute of Braiding and Beauty Business Development will give you the tools to become and grow as one of our professional braiders.  You will learn the truth about how to install the classic and latest styles properly & fast.  On top of that, joining our network will answer your questions, provide mentorship and teach you how to gain lifetime loyal clients. 

How Our Program Works

We are the ONLY global braiding network that rewards YOU and YOUR CLIENTS!

Step 1: Apply to become a part of our Network

All applicants must complete the application and interview process ( see the links below).  As a member of our network, We promote your brand and  we provide:

  • Your own webpage and professional phone number
  • Professional phone number
  • CERTIFICATION & Training on various styles  and topics
  • Business card and equipment discounts
  • Access to training
  • An option to join our mentorship program
  • Start accumulation reward points for you AND your clients
  • Online Scheduling Calendar  

Other perks for being a part of our network…

  • We promote you and your brand
  • International travel opportunities
  • Wholesale pricing on human and synthetic hair
  • Exclusive opportunities at Hair Shows and Beauty Competitions
  • Recognition at our annual Strands of Beauty Awards.
  • Discounted or awarded space in the Strands of Beauty Magazine
  • Double Point Days 

Click here to complete the application

Click here to schedule an interview. 


Step 2: Get Certified, and Start Getting Paid Daily!

Once you have been hired you will have access to training and additional certifications

  1.  Join our network and get certified on the styles you have already mastered.
  2. Sign up for a  class and complete the Strands of Beauty Institute Course in the area that you want to get the certification.

Start Accumulating Points

Strands of Beauty Rewards YOU and YOUR Clients. In addition to you getting PAID from each client, each appointment that is booked and confirmed through the direct appointment scheduling link on your webpage gets YOU 10 reward points and gets YOUR CLIENT 10 reward points. You can redeem your points for rewards such as FREE Training, a Free VACATION*, and more, see reward examples below. You can also qualify for Awards, Media Features, Features in the Strands of Beauty Global Magazine, and more…

Redeem 200 points = access to basic classes and /or 1/2 off advanced courses

Redeem 500 points = $100 Gift Card ( Walmart, Amazon, etc)

Redeem 600 points = $75 Gas Card 

Redeem 800 points = 30-minute massage at local massage therapy 

Redeem 1000 points = 40 % off wholesale order or spa day up to $200 value

Redeem 1200 points = $150 gift card of your choice* 

Redeem 1800 points = Company-sponsored Trip for 2 to Las Vegas, NV  at a Caesar’s Resort or MGM resort. ( for US-based network braiders. Global network partners can negotiate for a different vacation).

Redeem 2500 points = Luxury Surprise (Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi, Tiffany, etc)

Start Optional Classes

Our network braiders have the option to get  learn and get certified in styes they want to learn. These basic and advanced  classes are offered at a discounted rate to our network braiders. 

Below are our courses: 

 -Braider Health & Hygiene 

-Beauty Pro Self Care  

– All About Hair Types, Textures & Colors 

– Hair Braiding 101

– How to Braid my child’s hair 

– How to Complete Box Braids in less than 6 hrs – (inc. knotless)

– How to Complete Twist & Locs 

– How to Install Sew-ins & Wigs

– How to install Extensions (Micro Links, Tape, No Braid)

– How to install Tree Braids

– Advanced Tree Braid Techniques 

-How to install Crochet Braids 

-How to Create FreeStyle & Design Braids

– How to Make Stitch Braids

–  How to develop your Beauty Business 

-How to install Braided Loc Extensions

-How to become a Traveling Stylist/Braiders. 



Global Certification

Upon joining our network you receive the following classes for FREE:

  1. Braider Health & Hygiene
  2. Beauty Pro Self Care

 YOUR Personal highlight webpage

  • This is your personal beauty webpage where we post your picture, your certifications, and your social media contact information. 
  • You also receive a direct professional phone number
  • Direct scheduling link

Certification & Training

This includes your highlight page AND provides certification in each style you can already complete.    Here you don’t just pay and we fake your certification, NO!  You must complete our rigorous certification process. We stand behind each beauty professional we certify, therefore the only way we can do that is by being honest. If you do not pass the certification, your payment will be refunded and your highlight page removed. 

Once certified, we start promoting you/your brand and sending you clients!

$99+ for basic classes and certification on specific styles 

— This gives you training on specific techniques and provides certification in each specific area. Select courses on the left.  Prices change throughout the year and points can be redeemed towards classes. Once certified, we start promoting you/your brand and we send your clients!

Once you redeem 500 points, you get unlimited access to ALL basic braiding courses and 25% off advanced courses. 

Global Beauty Network

We provide braiding, styling, beauty services worldwide.

Wholesale Products

Our students have access to wholesale human and synthetic hair.

Incentives & Bonuses

Our network braiders get perks and bonuses for their commitment to professionalism and quality.

Secure Appointments

We follow up on your appointments and have a 99% no cancellation rate.

A Few Words About

Our Administrative Team

Bringing over 200,000+ hours of professional experience in business and team building.


Founder - CEO -HeadMaster Braider, Lead Instructor, Lead Developer


Strands of Beauty-Atlanta Manager, Master Braider, Lead Instructor, Lead Developer

Coach Profit

COO- Master Marketer, Lead Motivator


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