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Institute of Braiding & Beauty Business Development

We are Atlanta’s Premier & Only Braiding Institute. We are the ONLY school of its kind with an earn-while-you-learn program.

We offer one day up to 12 week program.  Our focus is on training professional braiders who are committed to the health of hair and the integrity of the braiding profession.   The Strands of Beauty Institute of Braiding & Beauty Business Development offers hands-on training along with global certification classes for hair braiders.   

Watching a video can be an okay way to introduce yourself to a new technique, but true skill comes from instruction, interaction, and feedback. Our hands-on training courses are the most powerful way to learn to braid, weave, install extensions, and build your business. Students will be placed on a Level 1 (Intro to Braiding) or Level 2  (Advanced Braiding) track toward graduation.  

Whether you are here to get certified as a new braider or to graduate as a master braider, The Strands of Beauty Institute of Braiding and Beauty Business Development will give you the tools to become and grow as a professional braider. 

Strands of Beauty Institute of Braiding & Beauty Business Development


This is the first step on your path to a career as a professional hair braider.

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SOBI Level 1 classes start every 5 weeks and Level 2 classes start every 7 weeks.

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Our students earn income while still in our program


Tuition and fees are based on the program level. Level 1 starts as low as $2.50 per credit hour and Level 2 is as low as $4.50 per credit hour. Registration and application fees are $249 (includes uniforms and braid kit). Discounts and special pricing are available throughout the year on certain promotions. Financing and optional payment methods are also available.


SOBI has a basic braiding (Level 1) and an advanced braiding & extensions program ( Level 2)



After graduation from our program, we offer assistance on salon placement and provide mentoring for all of our students if desired.

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